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 Who is Mr Eerius?


Imagine the quirky style of Willy Wonka

 & the passionate confidence of

Michael Flatley's dance

mixed together with the unique

magical talents of David Copperfield -

  an unusual mix this makes,

but it may bring you closer to a vision of

Mr Eerius.....


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Magician & Illusionist 

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The highlight of the evening was magician and illusionist Mr Eerius. Everyone was in awe. Verwood lad Martin Gardiner aka Mr Eerius delighted us with his 'silent' act, superbly choreographed to electronic dance music. There were colourfull umbrellas appearing out of small boxes, sand pouring out of his hands from nowhere and inflatable dice tumbling out of empty containers! We were mystified.

Jenine Pulford - The Viewpoint Magazine


"You are a great ambassador for your profession"

Chris Chambers - Presenter Producer Entertainer


"Fantastic visual magic, beautifully presented & very well timed EXCELLENT!!!"

Mike Danata - Fellow magician & magic shop owner


"Nice - actually very nice - I really like your handling - and those dice appearing is something else."

Brian - Creative Magic - USA


If your looking for a 'Children's Entertainer' check out:



Its still me but with a different show!! 



The Mr Eerius Fly Back Act is now ready check it out!

 Be sure to check out the new videos added to this site to see full length clips of the magic & illusion that can easily be flown all over the world.